Most Monero transactions made prior to February 2017 are traceable.

MoneroLink is a complementary block explorer that reveals the hidden linkages between Monero transactions.

Monero is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin, Monero lets users obscure which coins they spend by padding their transactions with fake coins called "mixins." However, through January 31, 2017, we can identify the real coin in about 62% of all transactions (excluding those transactions that that opt-out of privacy by having no mixins anyway). Furthermore, among these, the real coin is the "newest" coin 90% of the time.

Transactions spending RingCT coins (the and later) cannot typically be traced in this way. However, even in RingCT, the newest coin is still more likely to be the real coin. For more information, see our technical report.

This site does NOT provide a real-time view of the Monero blockchain. It only shows data from the first 1236196 blocks, up to January 31, 2017.

1 mixin 707788 606779(85.73%) [Random]
2 mixins 2871249 1701133(59.25%) [Random]
3 mixins 1309723 905658(69.15%) [Random]
4 mixins 701755 373193(53.18%) [Random]
5 mixins 141539 71338(50.40%) [Random]
6 mixins 364348 191231(52.49%) [Random]
7 mixins 9552 3890(40.72%) [Random]
8 mixins 8521 3405(39.96%) [Random]
9 mixins 5362 1989(37.09%) [Random]
10+ mixins 114119 26116(22.88%) [Random]

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